Karte von England und Wales : 1-cm-Karte : 1:100,000

These maps were prepared in 1938-39 for the German invasion of Britain.

All top margins are headed Sonderausgabe! Nur für den Dienstgebrauch! (Special edition! For military use only!)

Marginal information is in German with a German/English legend; all detail within the map area is taken from the then current Ordnance Survey half-inch maps, using the same sheet lines. Relief is shown by brown contours with blue water, red roads and green woods. The slight enlargement in scale and different colours, make these very attractive maps.

Unless noted otherwise, all maps are paper folded in a variety of sizes, usually about A4 size. Most are bright and in nice clean condition. Some have a very light stain or slight fading along the folds, but very slight and does not really detract from the quality. More obvious defects are noted. Some maps have a slightly trimmed left margin with no loss of information. Small tears and chips or light dust marks are not noted.

The print code is in brackets after the sheet title. All maps have a magnetic variation date of 1938. Maps are graded, 1 = very bright clean copy, 2 = nice bright copy with slight faults, 3 = good clean copy, small faults, 4 = copy with faults noted.

Item No.Sheet No.Area (print code, notes)Cond-itionPrice £
1.1Shetland-Inseln (Nord) (9.39, dusty top margin)212.00
3.3Orkney-Inseln (Nord) (9.39)114.00
7.7Wick (8.39)114.00
8.8Ullapool (8.39)114.00
12.25Islay (8.39)114.00

See aslo Karte von England und Wales.