1:10,000 About six inches to one mile

High quality, very detailed, fully coloured town plans, often bearing the inscription SECRET.

Railways, industrial sites and key public buildings are shown in detail and are highlighted by the clarity of the cartography and use of up to ten colours. The standard detail expected on any town plan is present, with cyrillic script used throughtout.

Sheet sizes vary but are frequently larger than 30″ by 40″, though some are smaller.

The date given is that of publication or reprint.

All prices include postage.

1. Dewsbury (1 of 2 sheets, town centre westwards), 1983, £16.

2. Dover, (1 sheet), 1974. Sorry, sold.

3. Dunfermline, (1 sheet), £19.

4. Great Yarmouth, (1 sheet), 1972, £19.

5. St. Helens, Haydock and Prescot, (2 sheets), 1984, £26.

Please ask about other Soviet maps that we might have.