Indexes to large sheet series (top), and small sheet series (lower, within bold lines), maps and cover.

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The Fifth Edition, small and large sheet series were two incomplete series, published in the 1930s, covering most of southern England, roughly south of Saffron Walden, except for the Colchester area, East Sussex and East Kent.

We have a good selection of these maps folded in Ordnance Survey covers, in good, very good and excellent condition, within the price range £6-£10.

Full details of this series, and over 1,000 other map series, including all the variant editions, and any related district maps can be found in Ordnance Survey small-scale maps : indexes 1801-1998 by Roger Hellyer. Far more than just index diagrams.

You might also be interested in Map cover art by John Paddy Browne, which is the standard work on Ordnance Survey map covers.

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