Ordnance Survey.

Identify which large scale maps cover your area of interest

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We reprinted this volume as we found it essential when using large scale maps, and it was long out of print. With this book, one can identify which six-inch or twenty-five inch map shows an area of interest. Thus armed with sheet numbers, one can begin to track down copies, and if visiting an archive office, one can ask for maps to be taken out ready for your arrival.

In addition to the indexes, survey and revision dates for all counties are given, together with several pages explaining the conventional signs and abbreviations used on maps.

Indexes to the 1/2500 and 6-inch scale maps : England and Wales. Originally published by the Ordnance Survey, this new edition has an introduction by Richard Oliver and additional material by Roger Hellyer. 128pp illus. bibliog. 2002. New copy.

£17.50 post free.

Full details, including index diagrams for all Ordnance Survey small scale maps can be found in Roger Hellyer’s book.

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