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Published 1906-14, with later revisions.

We have a good selection of the Half-inch England and Wales, Large Sheet Series maps in the various covers, as shown in the images on this page, top and bottom.

We can offer maps in good, very good and excellent condition, within the price range £6-£10.

Published in three versions from 1906 on 40 sheets with subsequent revisions and reprints :
a. Coloured edition with hill shading, published 1906-08.
b. Coloured edition with layers and hill shading, published 1906-09.
c. Coloured edition with layers, published 1910-14.

The earliest are white waxy covers with the area title in large letters, or including a diagram of the map area. The standard cover has a picture by Ellis Martin, of a car and signpost within a decorative border. Originally issued as a black design on buff, with red sheet lettering, a green border was then added with all brown lettering. The cover size was then increased, and a buff border added beyond the green border. In 1938 a single piece cover, with the same design, but hinged at the top (as used today) was introduced. Some maps have a paper wrap around book like cover with the standard design. Cover details are sometimes printed directly on to the folded map. Maps can also be found in covers supplied by Ordnance Survey agents, and usually have details of the agent on the front. 

Full details of this series, and over 1,000 other map series, including all the variant editions, and any related district maps can be found in Ordnance Survey small-scale maps : indexes 1801-1998 by Roger Hellyer. Far more than just index diagrams.

You might also be interested in Map cover art by John Paddy Browne, which is the standard work on Ordnance Survey map covers.

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